About Us

There’s a growing flood of movies, music, TV shows, books and podcasts available to us with the click of a remote or tap on a screen or mouse.

And, while our entertainment options are nearly limitless, our available leisure time is not. Now, more than ever, we need help finding the needles in the entertainment haystack. Unfortunately, the existing analog or digital tools we rely on to be our guides can be inefficient, unreliable, or sometimes leave us trapped in an algorithmically generated filter bubble.

A clear need exists for a product designed specifically for quick and easy access to entertainment recommendations that are not only reliable and relevant, but also interesting and unexpected. That product is Tastebud.

Tastebud is designed for the sole purpose of helping people share and discover what to watch, read and listen to. With the Tastebud app, users can ask friends for specific recommendations or simply share their current obsessions.

I hope you’ll give Tastebud a try. Your next favorite book, TV show, movie, song or podcast is waiting to be discovered!